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Each and everything or being in the world is beautiful as long as you love it.

Prem ki shakti dand ki shakti se hazaar guna prabhavshali aur sthayi hai.

Love is an exciting and fascinating word and whenever we think of real love we remember the beautiful relationship of Radha and Krishna Ji.

The world cannot understand the love of Radha Krishna because no one has ever loved him.

Prem ka arth vivah karna nahi hota apeetu poori nishtha ke sath samarpan karna hota hai.

Unconditional Love Radha Krishna Quotes

Being patient when you truly love someone is the only definition of love.

Talk to yourself once a day, otherwise, you will not be able to talk to the most important man in the world.

Radha Krishna’s timeless tale is but a reason to teach the meaning of love to the world.

Prem jo upeksha jhel le veh krodh aur pratikaar jaise bhavon se mukt ho jata hai.

So unconditional love means that your love does not change by any measure.

Krishna is the ocean of love for me and I am the sand lying on its banks.

Unka mujhe bhool jaana hamari prem ki ek pariksha hai , jab unhe sab yaad aayega mujhe uss pal ki pratiksha hai

Radha Krishna bond preaches to keep anger and retaliation away from the love segment.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world that cannot be seen, cannot be touched, it can only be felt in the heart.

Krishna asked Radha about the one place where he didn’t exist. She replied- “In my destiny.”

Sacche prem ki koi samapti tithi nahi hoti, sanyog aur viyog ye dono hi awastha me samaan rehta hai.

If your love is pure then no situation or event that happens will affect your love.

The love of Krishna and Radha is beyond human feelings, which is not only difficult but impossible to understand.

Paane ko hi prem kahe, jag ki yahi hai reet, prem ka arth samjhaayenge ab Radha Krishna ki preet.

The power of love is a thousand times stronger than the power of punishment.

If the determination of the mind and the power of the body is fully put into any work, then success is achieved.

I don’t care who stands with me, doesn’t. All I need is my family and you.

The same was the love between Radha and Krishna, there are so many Unconditional Love Radha Krishna Quotes that can guide us to follow the path of love in a reasonable manner.

Krishna’s love is as pure to me as the Ganges.

Prem – Jo upeksha jhel le veh krodh aur pratikaar jaise bhavon se mukt ho jata hai.

Radha Krishna’s divine love defines love as the promise of sharing eternity.

When someone leaves both hands together, Krishna sends a finger catcher, whose name is life.

No matter how many trials and tribulations came her way, Radha’s love never wavered.

Prem Mein jab shraddha aur samman ka bhav jud jaaye toh prem bhakti tulye ho jata hai.

The meaning of love is not to get married, but it is to devote yourself completely.

Krishna is in my memory and nothing is more important to me than memory.

Yadi prem ko samajhna hai toh, tan ki nahi mann ki aankhein kholo, Kyunki sachcha prem roop se nahi Bhaav se juda hota hai.

True love doesn’t exist with an expiry date; the Radha Krishna bond suggests the same.

Everyone knows how to speak but very few people know when and what to say.

Love doesn’t only mean marriage. It means complete surrender.

Humesha smaran rakhiye iss sansaar mein prem se meetha kuch bhi nahi.

If you have real Love in your heart then every second of waiting feels blissful

Love does not mean to marry, but to surrender with poor loyalty.

Prem ka arth kisiko paana nahi kintu usme kho jaana hota hai.

The only way you can conquer me is via love, and there I am happily conquered

His forgetting me is a test of our love, I am waiting for that moment when everyone will remember

Having someone there for you in all your highs and lows is a blessing.

If you do not have the right words for a situation, just smile, the words can get entangled but smiles always work.

Whether I speak to you, my heart always cares for you.

Prem aatma se hota hai shareer se nahi, jo shareer se ho vo keval akarshan maatr hai, jo aatma se ho wahi shashwat prem hai.

No one who does good work without greed and with pure love will ever come to a terrible ending in this world or any other world.

To get only love is called, this is the way of the world, now you will understand the meaning of love, Radha Krishna’s love.

Radha Krishna’s devotion suggests that love is a selfless emotion shared by two souls.

If you have got disappointment with any relationship, then make a relationship with Krishna, he will never disappoint you.

May love completely be like Ram Seeta may love incompletely be like Krishna Radha.

Jab manushay ko vastvik prem Hota hai toh veh annyay, hinsa, grihna jaise bhavon se door ho jata hai, aur inn bhavon ke rehte hue yadi prem ka dawa kiya jaaye toh vo prem nahi prem ka bhram hota hai.

There are three gates to self-destruction hell- Lust, Anger, And Greed

Hey Kanha!! TUMHE PAANA JARURI TOH NAHI, mere liye toh tumhara ho jaana hei kaafi hai.

Love doesn’t need marriage; true love needs dedication with complete devotion.

Understanding is deeper than knowledge, many people know you but few understand you.

Love can overcome time and distance, for love is everywhere.

Yadi hriday mein sachcha prem ho to Pratheeksha ka har shan Anand deta hai.

He’s no attraction can love others, for his love is pure and divine

Love – He who endures the wait becomes free from feelings like anger and retaliation.

Reverence and respect in love raise the altitude in any relationship.

When you focus on the problems, then the target will stop showing. When you focus on the target, the problems will stop showing.

Search for love within you, and you will also attain it outside you.

Prem ka pehla charan vyakulta hai jo aapko aapke prem ke kareeb laati hai.

The pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first, but it is sour as the toxin in the end

Remember love is the solution, then open the eyes of the mind, not the body, because true love is not related to form but to emotion.

Prem Mein jab shraddha aur samman ka bhav jud jaaye toh Prem bhakti tulye ho jata hai.

Radha Krishna’s love story preaches that respect and honor make love immortal.

Stop counting two things in life, your own sorrow and the happiness of others, life will become easy.

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