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Shiva is also known as Shivshakti which basically means shiva and shakti are one. Also to understand separately is shiva shakti, shiv is lord shiva and shakti is Mata Parvati Ji.

Who says Love is easy even Lord Shiva had to spend so many years waiting for Mata Parvati.

Shiv Parvati Love Image

If Mata did an extensive long penance to make Shiva happy, Lord Shiva did wait thousands of years for Mata Parvati.

Love is not complete without two-person acceptance just like Lord Shiva is incomplete without Mata Parvati.

“Love is not so easy, even Mata Sati had toLove is not easy even

Mata Sati died and she was reborn as Mata Parvati just to be with Lord Shiva.

Love is so powerful that it bought the princess of mansions to the King of burial grounds.

The power of love is that Mata Parvati was a princess of mansions but she gave up everything just to be with Lord Shiva even on burial grounds.

I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.

Parvati and Shiva reside in each other’s hearts, that’s true love.

There is no other lover greater than Shiva who waited thousands of years for Parvati and there is no bigger devotee like Parvati who left mansions and went to a burial ground to live with Lord Shiva.

The love story of Shiva and Parvati is so pure, it begins when Mata Sati dies and was reborn as Parvati.

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