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Looking back now, I can say that we were just madly in love and I had no idea how to cope well without him by my side.

I’m still here and happily married to this day, so…there is hope. If I pulled it together, anyone can.

Romantic Indian Army Love Images

That being said, a special quote tucked in a note gives you each something special to hold and remember through all the stages of military life.

I never thought I’d miss being awakened by your alarm in the dark… until it meant no more 3 AM kisses

Only a strong woman can survive missing half her heart.

You might be a military wife if a 2-minute phone call can make your whole day!

I didn’t fall in love with a soldier. I fell in love with a man who happens to be in the Army.

A soldier doesn’t fight for what’s in front of him He fights for those he left behind.

True love doesn’t mean you can’t be apart. It means you can conquer any distance.

I didn’t choose military life, but I choose to love my service member every day.

We live by chance, we love by choice, and we kill by profession.

Every day and every night brings us one day closer.

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