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“My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns.”

“It’s the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important…People have forgotten this truth, but you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.”

Love Rose Images

“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”

“Life is like a rose garden — watch for the thorns and keep the pest dust handy”

“A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks: ‘Aren’t you tired of waiting?’ ‘Yes,’ answers the rose, ‘but if I close my petals, I will wither and die.’”

“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.”

“Forgiveness is the scent that the rose leaves on the heel that crushes it.”

“True friendship is like a rose, we don’t realize its beauty until it fades.”

Truths and roses have thorns about them.”

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”

“The world is a rose, smell it, and pass it to your friends.”

“Those who don’t pick roses in summer won’t pick them in winter either.”

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