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Let’s Kiss In The Rain: Where The Rain Was So Hard The Only Thing We Could See Was Each Other. 

Without The Rain, We Would Never Feel Thankful For The Warmth Of The Sun.

Love Rain Images

I Love The Rain As Much As I Love You I Love The Way It Always Speaks To Me, To My Soul And All.

In This First Rain, I Want To Be In Your Arms Where You Hold Me Tight.

I Fell In Love With You The Way Rain Falls On The First Day Of Summer Recklessly And Unexpectedly.

When It Rains, Look For Rainbows; When It’s Dark, Look For Stars.

She Loved The Rain, It Reminded Her That Even The Sky Needed To Cry Sometimes.

The Best Thing About The Rain Is That It Always Stops Eventually!

I Love The Rain. I Love How It Softens The Outlines Of Things. The World Becomes Softly Blurred, And I Feel Like I Melt Right Into It.

Maybe I Love Endings So Much Because They’Re All I’ve Ever Known.

I love my sweat heart… My love was accepted by my girlfriend. I used one of these quotes which impressed her on a rainy day.

Let The Rain Kiss You Let The Rain Beat Upon Your Head With Silver Liquid Drops. Let The Rain Sing You A Lullaby.

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