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Holding hands with you is like a promise that even for a brief moment or a few hours, we don’t have to face the world alone.

If I am wrong, I need your hand to correct me. If I am lost, I need your hand to guide me. Please hold my hand tightly in your hand. Never let me go. I LOVE YOU!

Hand Love Images

Making fingers smile by holding your hand is the most fantastic hobby ever. I want to do this every day.

I’m not asking you to walk in my shoes; I’d never wish my afflictions on anyone. But could you walk beside me on the secure ground and reach to hold my hand?

So hold my hand tight. Hold my hand with confidence. For this love can last forever. For this love, we shall share together.

I am a strong person but every now and then I need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything will be alright.

Small things that mean a lot: Cute texts, tight hugs, long replies, holding hands, remembering the little things, and kisses on the forehead.

There’s something so real about holding hands, some kind of complex simplicity, saying so much by doing so little. I love it.

I remember the times when we used to sit in the park. Holding hands together I never should have gone away and left your life like this girl.

Hugging or holding hands with the person you love has been proven to instantly reduce stress.

Hold my hand with confidence like you love me confidently with all of your heart. May this bond last forever.

The perfect thing on this earth is how accurately our hands are shaped together. Never want to leave your hand goes from mine because it belongs here, inside mine. Love you.

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