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Love is simply an electrical bug in the human neural circuit. – Akasaka Ryuunosuke

I want to break up while I can still say I love you. – Shindou Chihiro

The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone would be the moment you understand love. – Kenshin Himura

Having happy and beautiful memories won’t always bring you salvation. The more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become – Plastic Memories

Love is like a mirror that reflects your bad side. Especially when it’s unrequited, you get envious, jealous, prejudiced, and resentful. You have to face all sorts of emotions, but there’s no reason to find that shameful. – Margery Daw

Anime Quotes About Love

The world isn’t perfect. But it’s there for us, doing the best it can… that’s what makes it so damn beautiful. — Roy Mustang

It’s Equivalent Exchange! I’ll give you half my life, so you give me half of yours! – Edward Elric

She may be a devil, but I still love her. – Akio Asakura

Once you fall in love, you really love that person through thick and thin. – Oka Chinami

Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar – One Piece

A “bug” is a funny way of putting it. As it’s not something that can be described so easily.

To know sorrow is not terrifying. What is terrifying is to know you can’t go back to the happiness you could have. — Matsumoto Rangiku

You will never be able to love anybody else until you love yourself. – Lelouch Lamperouge

I order you to love me! – Euphemia Li Brittania

A heart’s a heavy burden. – Howl’s Moving Castle

Love drives you to do things that are irrational and make no sense. At least not if you look at it from a logical perspective.

I guess somehow without me knowing, it just feels so natural now, to have Kagome by my side. –Inuyasha

We are all like fireworks: We climb, we shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even when that time comes, let’s not disappear like a firework and continue to shine… forever. — Hitsugaya

I… I love you with all my heart! If you were to stay here with me, there would be no regrets…Because every day we’d do something fun, we’d be happy, I swear! I would do anything for you! So… please just stay with me! – Haruno Sakura,

The opposite of love doesn’t hate, it’s apathy. – (Kodomo no Jikan)

When you fall in love with someone, you start wanting to know lots of things about that person. – Ninako Kinoshita

I’ll make you so in love with me that every time our lips touch, you’ll die a little death – Nana.

Love, and passion, why do we get caught up by such troublesome feelings? The mind couldn’t ever get things straight, and you lose control to know what is sensible. Deep down it’s all so vexing. – Usui Takumi

I want to be with you. From now on, I want to spend all and every single one of my days until I die with you, and only you. –Naruto Uzumaki

Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But, of course, it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice! — Don Quixote Doflamingo

Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure I’ll just fall in love with you all over again. – Syaoran Li

I’ll make you so in love with me, that every time our lips touch, you’ll die a little death. – Ai Yazawa (Nana)

Love is never as simple as sharing the same path. – Khamsin

My heart is stronger now that you’re in it. – The Secret World of Arrietty

Fear is not evil. It tells you what weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder. — Gildarts Clive

Is there a limit to how much you can love somebody? No matter how much I hurt him or get hurt by him, I find myself far from hating him, actually hoping that those wounds will scar, like burns.. because then you can never forget me. – Kamijou Hiroki

I won’t hate that person. Even if my love does not reach him. Because they’re still my precious feelings. – Ninako Kinoshita

I’ll always be by your side, just like the wind that flows through your hair. – Kaze no Stigma

Of course, I’ll stay with you… No matter what happens. Forever and ever. – Nagisa Furukawa

If it’s possible for one person to be hurt by another, then it’s possible for that person to be healed by another. –Sohma Hatori

Whatever you lose, you’ll find it again. But what you throw away you’ll never get back. — Kenshin Himura

Just your touch… gets me excited. It makes me so happy. But those feelings will all turn into pain. The happier I am now, the more it’ll hurt. I know how cruel this is… but no matter how hard I try, I can’t rid myself of this. – Nejima-kun… I… don’t know… what love is. – Takasaki Mikasa

Everyone goes around trying to find their soulmate, but no matter how hard they look, they can never find it. So instead, they force two bodies together. Everyone wants to use that short time they have together to open their hearts, even if it’s just a one-night dream bought with money. – Lawrence Hill

It’s not that you can fall in love with someone new because you forgot the old. It’s because you fall in love with someone new that you’re able to forget about the old. Only love can heal a heart that was hurt by love. – Takeuchi’s sister

There is only one person who you can truly love. It’s too bad that you can’t change who that person is. If you could, then you both would be a lot happier. – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Otherwise, it can’t be real. It’s the same story whether we’re talking about family, friends, or anything else.

Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is the truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing! — Satsuki Kiryuuin

Destiny. Fate. Dreams. These unstoppable ideas are held deep in the heart of man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the Earth. – Gold D. Rodger

Someday my memories will fade… and her voice, her actions, I might forget them as well, but I will always remember that I loved Saber. – Emiya Shirou

If you love someone, he could make you sad. He could even make you feel lonely sometimes. But that someone can also make you happier than you’ll ever be. – Saki Hanajima

It was like you brought colour to my life. You changed my life, all by yourself. – Reaching You

Once you fall in love, you really love that person through thick and thin. -Oka Chinami,

I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am the truth. Ally to good! A nightmare to you! — Son Goku

You may not believe me but, even before he told me his name, I felt as if I already knew who he was. – Takashi Nanami,

Not many people know when love really starts… More than a friend, but not quite lovers. A delicate relationship like this changes gradually once it is noticed, and keeps on blossoming, Just like the changing seasons. – Cute

No matter which loves the line, what time, or where I am, I will always love you. I’ll say it one more time, and I love you – Steins Gate

I was younger then, I wasn’t afraid of anything, and I didn’t think about dying for a second. I thought I was invincible. Then I met a girl. I wanted to live, I started to think like that; for the first time, I was afraid of death. I had never felt like that before. – Spike Spiegel

Don’t ever lie, even if it’s about your feelings. –Misaki Ayuzawa

Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love, or just because no matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war. War will never cease to exist… reasons can be thought up after the fact. Human nature pursues strife. — Paine

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